iLens is the vision of our founder, a registered optometrist with years of practice experience, who is a working mom and a passionate eye-lover.

Understanding the fast paced and digital world we live in today, iLens saw the need of contact lens users to have their lenses easily, affordably and quickly available.

This sparked the idea and the developing process of our online e-commerce store: Our online store offers patients safe and affordable online shopping of all major contact lens brands with the added benefit of having lenses delivered to their doorsteps, within days and at no charge!

iLens is based in Pretoria, South Africa and our online store, launched early in 2017. We have a happy customer base all over South Africa and 90% of all our customers are repeat customers – something we are very proud of.

We believe in the products we stock and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our great prices and specials, ease of use and our no-nonsense return policy is a testament to this.

We offers 3 easy steps to having your contact lenses delivered to your door. This is for sure the most affordable and convenient way of getting your contact lenses. Easy re-ordering and reminders before you are about to run out. We stock all the major brands.